About jetson_clock, fan, stress test for jetson nano


realwave@realwave-desktop:~ sudo jetson_clocks --help [sudo] password for realwave: Maximize jetson performance by setting static max frequency to CPU, GPU and EMC clocks. Usage: jetson_clocks.sh [options] options, --show display current settings **--fan set PWM fan speed to maximal** --store [file] store current settings to a file (default: {HOME}/l4t_dfs.conf)
–restore [file] restore saved settings from a file (default: ${HOME}/l4t_dfs.conf)

I have executed jetson_clocks with --fan

  1. Can you tell me how to revert to default fan config(fan off).

  2. Can you show me how to stress test for jetsno nano?

Thank you.

hello neuezeal,

you may exclude --fan options to have default fan configurations.
please refer to developer guide, Maximizing Jetson Nano or Jetson TX1 Performance.
there’s note about the behavior changes,
for example,

Starting with Release 32.4, jetson_clocks no longer sets maximum fan speed by default. If you prefer the old behavior, use the --fan option.

may I know what’s the expectation of your stress test you would like to perform?
for example,
you may use some 3rdparty tools, i.e. stress, workload generator tool to simulate CPU loads;
you may also refer to CUDA samples, i.e. nbody to put extra loads for GPU.

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