About MINI pci-e 3G Mobile broadband problem

I meet a problem about the 3g mobile broadband . I used to use R19.3 and it works well both when I put the card to mini pci-e slot or put the card to usb through a usb adapter.
Now I use 21.3.4 and now the mobile broadband card now just works with the adapter through usb but not work when I put the card into mini pci-e slot.I don’t know why.Who can tell me ?

My card is Huawei 909s-821.

You can look at how the PCIe slot views the card, which might offer clues. If you run “lspci” without options you’ll see a vendor and product in a bit of a cryptic format. A typical line from lspci would look like:

<b>05:00.0</b> VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation...

You can specify that exact device in this example via:
lspci -s ‘05:00.0

Once you have that, you can tell it to be very verbose, and save a copy to file. Paste that information to a reply in this forum thread and we’ll be able to see what PCIe thinks of the device. A very verbose version of the above command and logging to a file:

lspci -s '05:00.0' <b>-vvv | tee log.txt</b>

You can also query the PCIe system for what driver it handed the device off to:

lspci -s '05:00.0' <b>-k</b>

NOTE: With wireless often the change of a newer kernel driver will also require a change in firmware.