About NVDLA: ResNet-50 INT8 Quantized Model: Unnamed Layer

Hi, in the tutorial
https://github.com/nvdla/sw/blob/1ae4738f4558cd79bd872deddce5f4e618f38217/LowPrecision.md, the second step,

How to covert calibration cache dump to NVDLA JSON format?

calib_txt_to_json.py can be used to convert calibration scales generated from TensorRT to NVDLA JSON format.

is given as this.

But the calib_txt_to_json.py doesn’t work.
Transforming ResNet-50.txt to ResNet-50.json with calib_txt_to_json.py provided by official is not work. The .json will have many Unnamed Layer which is different with the ResNet-50.json provided by official.

Just like the example provided by official:

On the github, a similar issue having more details :

How can we transform the calib txt to json? Thank you very much.

Where can I response the question about NVDLA?