About NvEglRenderer with z-order of window


Looking at NvEglRenderer.h

It appears that creating an EGL context while creating a window using X and rendering through EGL.

If you explain 00_video_decode as an example
When the screen is playing, the window’s z-order is almost at the top, hiding other things.


How do you approach this z-order adjustment?

========= NvEglRenderer.h ===============================

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For rendering multipe sources, you can create multiple NvEglRenderer and configure different width, height, x_offset, y_offset. Not to overlap other sources.


We have a player using qt.
By making certain areas transparent in the program
I want to show what EglRenderer draws

Should I check Xlib programming for z-order?

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Yes, you would need to use X APIs for the function. Maybe need to configure certain attributes in XCreateWindow():