About NX Bring Up and Cannot use mouse/keyboard on USB when bootup

Hi, We are trying to port NX to our custimized carrier board, there are some issues which confuse me,

  1. According to “Jetson Xavier NX Series Adaptation and Bring-Up”, there should be some path like “./hardware/nvidia/platform/t19x//bct/” , but I cannot find any folder named “hardware” under “Linux for Tegra”, neither “.dtsi” files except gpio and padvoltage I generated from pinmux table, could you please let me know where are those files?
  2. We removed USB hub of USB1 in our carrier board and connect mouse/keyboard directly, but the mouse/keyboard doesn’t work which stuck me at pre-configuration windows after flashing and bootup ( in development kit, mouse/keyboard works fine) , what I should do for this issue?
  3. according to above two issues, there will be a conflict if we need to config USB setting after loggin, because I cannot loggin with out mouse/keyboard… Is there any misunderstanding on the Bringup procedure?

Are you referring this Adaptation and Bring-Up guide and based on JP4.6?
See NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Software Features : Jetson Module Adaptation and Bring-Up | NVIDIA Docs

thanks for quick reply
referring JP4.6.2


  1. You need to download the source code file from the “L4T archive” website. It will give you the device tree source code.
  1. There is a tool “l4t-create-default-users.sh” in your BSP folder, run that before flashing the board and it will configure the user account before flashing.

  2. Answered in (2).

Many thanks WayneWWW, that’s much more clear, I will try it on our carrier board

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