About option for power button


I want the red square area not to come out.

If you press the power button(① red button) while the jetson nano is on, the following menu will appear.

I want to remove the hibernate and suspend icons when the button is pressed, is that possible?
I ask because it seems to have something different from the basic Ubuntu features.

Thank you.


It is from ubuntu so we cannot help remove it. Please check with ubutnu forum/community and see if they share any method to disable these from GUI.

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Hello @WayneWWW

This UI shape and icon shape seems to have been modified by nvidia, is it correct?

It’s a difficult request,
Can you ask the team who modified this UI which part to modify?

Thank you.

I’ve not tried it with GNOME but under MATE and XFCE you can edit edit /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.login1.policy . Edit the <allow_any> , <allow_inactive> and <allow_active> sections of all of the relevant policies (power off, halt, suspend etc), changing them all from auth_admin_keep to no . You do not need to reboot or restart policykit for the changes to take effect.

some reference can be found here:

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