About PCIE connection

I have questions about PCIE connection.

Referencing P47 and DG-10931-001_v1.0 of Xavier NX dev kit, PCIe0 will be connected to M.2 Key M (for SSD) and PCIe1 to M.2 Key E (for WiFi/BT)
In that case, will Orin NX start even if the module is not inserted into the connector (the state where nothing is connected to PCIE0 and PCIE1)?
Are there any problems?
I plan to use Jetpack 5.1 or later

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If a PCIe lane is enabled, it detects whether a device is inserted or not in booting. If no device is detected in few trials, the booting continues. The booting process is not blocked.

Thank you for your reply.
I understood.

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