About PCIe problems

hi Nivida Teams:
Now We have a project based on the Jetson xavier platform.our project requirement is designing 4 PCIe slots with each slot to PCIe4 in hardware.
But following Xavier Design guide Table15.we can only configure as following:
UPHY0 ---------PCIe
UPHY[5:2] ---------PCIe4
UPHY7 ---------PCIe
UPHY[9:8] ---------PCIe2
NVSH[7:0] ---------PCIe

      So ,my questions is  at present ,the Jetson Xavier can support 4 PCIe slots with each slot to PCIe*4 in hardware and software?

Best regards

No, only five controllers in Xavier, 1x8, 1x4, 3x1.

Are there only five HW controllers, or is the only supported configuration?

Only five controllers are routed out for use as you can see in OEM DG. C1, C3 are x1 mode only which make your four x4 slots design is not supported.