About PGI accelerator programming model 2.0 specs?

I see in Nvidia GTC materials PGI Accelerator model 2.0 specs where to be released at ISC 2012 ( in june)…
I hope it incorporates some Fermi features as true functions calls, recursion, etc…
Are there any news or updates on when will be released?.

can you share more info in the mean while…


Hi Oscar,

We actually held off publishing the PGI Accelerator model 2.0 specs in favor of finishing the OpenACC 1.0 implementation. OpenACC is mostly complete and we are just working to finish up a few remaining features as well as fixing bugs. Hence, in a few months we’ll be able to get back working on the 2.0 specs.

Note that in order to support true functions calls, we needed a linker for the device code. The good news is that CUDA 5.0 will be the first NVIDIA tool chain to contain this linker. We’ll still need to extend the model to be able express device function, but at least now it’s possible.

  • Mat