About power control TX2NX and NX

Hello, I have two questions below.

  1. About power control

Jetson-TX2-NX-Datasheet-v1.1 2.6.1 Power Up

JetsonXavierNXDatasheet_v1.7 2.6.1 Power Up

According to the data sheet, the carrier board is powered on after the module is powered on and SYS_RST is asserted. Is it possible to turn on both the module and the carrier board at the same time?

  1. Regarding the timing when SYS_RST, PCIE0_RST, PCIE1_RST are asserted, is it the order of module power-on → SYS_RST assert → PCIE0 / 1 assert?

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  1. No, carrier should be ON after module rails.
  2. Yes for any shared ports, carrier side should be ON later than module.

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