about Ray tracing—spatial subdivision?

Hi, I studied hard about optiX, but I am still a beginner.

I have questions while studying and I want to ask a question.

I have modified the optiX tutorial sample basically to perform the calculations I want to do, and the calculations are progressing more smoothly than I thought.

However, my calculations are not accurate and for this I must use Ray tracing-spatial subdivision. Anyway, Is there any sample that uses this method in the samples? Is there a command or context related to Ray tracing-spatial subdivision?

I know how to implement such a thing, but I was wondering if there was such a sample or context before that.

I would like to thank you for your answers to the questions so far and I will be waiting for your answers.
Thank you.

PS: If optix already has this method in the bonding box step, hierarchy structure, please forgive my silly questions.

It’s unclear what problem you have and what spatial subdivision has to do with it.
Maybe describe what algorithm you need to solve, which calculations are not accurate enough, and how spatial subdivisions would solve it.

OptiX builds hierarchical acceleration structures over the axis aligned bounding boxes (AABB) around the geometric primitives. It doesn’t have any other information about space than the AABBs you calculate inside the bounding box program or the vertices of explicit triangle primitives and the render graph you built with OptiX nodes.

First of all, thank you for your reply.

I was just wondering if there was such a method in the sample.

I know which algorithms I need to solve, which calculations are inaccurate, and how I can solve them in a spatial subdivision.

However, since I have not studied much yet, I would like to talk more about the problems I have when I am close to the completion stage even if I get wrong results.

For now and in the future, what I’m interested in is that I would be curious to read the mesh file, create a model, recalculate the spatial subdivision, and customize the basic light (about changes in the use of rtTrace when customizing the basic light (color calculation exclusion etc.)).

I will ask you if you have any further questions.
God will bless you. thank you.