About resizing window callback function in NvEglrenderer


Can you tell me how to use resizing window callback function in NvEglrenderer something like that glfw’s framebuffer_size_callback.

GLFW’s callback function like below
================ below =============================

Thank you.

We don’t have the implementation in NvEglRenderer. If width/height are changed, you would need to destroy and re-initialize it.

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Thank you for your answer.

It is related to EGL or Xlib?

Are there any sample applications refer to?

Thank you

You may refer to query_and_set_capture() in 00_video_decode. Once the resolution is changed, it calls

        /* Destroy the old instance of renderer as resolution might have changed. */
        delete ctx->renderer;

and then calls

        ctx->renderer =
                NvEglRenderer::createEglRenderer("renderer0", window_width,
                                           window_height, ctx->window_x,
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Thank you