about ROI in DS4.0 on Xavier


now, I am developing ROI in DS4.0 and reviewed DS4.0 PlugIn Manual
nvosd supports NvDsLineMeta (RoI polygon) but I can’t find NvOSD_LineParams in nvdsmeta.h

I think it doesn’t support ROI in OSD, right?

and one more question about Gst-nvinfer
I am interested in ‘roi-bottom-offset’ and ‘roi-top-offset’ Gst-nvinfer’s properies

I think these options limits only range about Objects, right?

ROI drawing is supported in DS4.0. To do so, you need to specify ROI in terms number of lines those define it.
You can find NvOSD_LineParams defined in nvll_osd_struct.h

roi-bottom-offset and roi-top-offset can be used to retain objects detected within this range. Any detected object outside this range will be filtered out.