about sensor data recording with dwSensorManager

in recording sample code, sample used dwSAL and dwSerializer to recording the sample data.

but I understood, dwSensorManager could have a rig configuration, so could know the hardware parameter to recording.

so is it possible to recording sensor data with dwSensorManager??

if then, dont we need to createSensor, addSensor or other things?? right??

thank you./

Dear jw31,

Could you please refer to below links for DriveWorks SAL understanding?

Using custom sensors with NVIDIA DriveWorks : https://info.nvidia.com/using-custom-sensors-with-driveworks.html
Integrating LIDAR and radar with the DriveWorks : SDKhttps://developer.nvidia.com/drive/earlyaccess/docs/secure/NVIDIA_Driveworks_Lidar_Radar_Integration_Guide_v2.0.pdf

Do you have any issue of DriveWorks recording tool?
Do you need to record custom sensor data with DriveWorks recording tool? Thanks.