About sensor driver

Hello, there are several modes configured for the sensor in my dts, but when I want to use it, it tells me that I do not have sensor_mode, thank you

Did you add use_sensor_mode_id = “true”; in your device tree?
You can reference to imx185 for it.

hello ShaneCCC,
yes, i add use_sensor_mode_id = “true”;

What’s the v4l2-ctl --list-formats-ext?
How about v4l2-ctl --set-ctrl sensor_mode=1?

Why there are duplicate format and size?

emmm, I also wonder, is this a device tree configuration issue?

Suppose need to check the sensor driver.

Hello ShaneCCC,
May I ask which part I should check? I have consulted imx185 and found no problem.

I believe it’s report by the kernel driver.


hello ShaneCCC,
i use 35.5.0, I should refer to nv_imx185_v1.c or nv_imx185.c

Should be nv_imx185.c or nv_imx477/nv_imx219


hello ShaneCCC,
Why is the output different from what I set

Maybe remove the duplicated sizes to try.

thank you, its right.