about SensorManager to handle the event


Driveworks provided dwSensorManager which can handle the sensor data.

I plan to implement the replay function with recorded sensor data.

but SensorManager provide only the dwSensorManager_acquireNextEvent which can get the next time.

Is there any function or method which I can previous time sensor data or jump to time and get the sensor data??

Dear jw31,
Could you please check sample_camera_replay sample for your topic. We also have radar/lidar replay samples in DW.

Thank you for reply.

But I mean the rewind function. which can read previous time of sensor data.
(or jump to specific timestamp and read the sensor data)

What you mentioned samples are just for forward replay.

Dear jw31,
We do not have APIs to perform this. But you may check recording chop tool to get specified frames. If you need this feature to be considered, could you please file a bug and share bug ID here to follow up.