about supported mesh format

Recently I am studying ‘optixMeshViewer’ of tutorial sample.
I was doubtful about studying it.
Can Optix read only .obj and .ply formats?
If I follow certain rules, can Optix read any format?

OptiX is a high-level ray casting SDK. It doesn’t know about any file formats at all, neither 3D geometry, nor images.

You as a developer are responsible to provide any type of geometry data to OptiX, which you then handle in your OptiX device programs as needed, by implementing the necessary bounding box, intersection resp. attribute programs.

The OptiX SDK examples only demonstrate that with some simple scene formats.
There is no need to use any of the SDK example code in own OptiX applications.
Means you’re not at all limited by what the SDK examples show. They are meant to be small and simple.

If you looked at the OptiX Advanced Samples on github, the OptiX Introduction examples in there are generating simple geometry objects from triangles like a plane, box, sphere, or torus at runtime.

If you learned how to setup geometry and materials with OptiX node objects yourself, you’d be able to handle any model file format you can write a loader for.

Of course, in tutorial, I’ve seen how to use the .obj file format to determine geometry, and I can do geometry configuration.
I was just wondering about scanning Optix meshes and finding scanOBJ and scanPLY, and I asked them to recommend samples that were applied in other formats.

Thank you for helping anything. :)