About TC358748 CSI capture problems

Hi bros:
I use Toshiba TC358748 chip collection CSI 1080p yuv422 image data, I set the chip in accordance with the data working state, but the collection of pictures have some problems, the following is my collection of image data:
Now I do not know in the end is the chip configuration problems or CSI set up a problem,may you give me some suggestions

frame-0_1.bmp (5.93 MB)
frame-0_2.bmp (5.93 MB)
frame-0_4.bmp (5.93 MB)
frame-0_5.bmp (5.93 MB)

Where does the parallel video data come from?

It seems HValid is not aligned with parallel data. Can you use oscilloscope to check timing of TC358748 inputs?

Similar issue was posted and solved by reprogramming a SDI to parallel bridge chip driving TC358748.