About Tesla S1070 Tell me, thank you!

I want to know how many companys buy Tesla S1070? please tell me! Thank you! :haha: :haha: :haha: :thumbup:

Do you really think NVIDIA will release this information? It’s probably one of those “if you look at it one way it’s a lot, if you look at it another, it’s a little” situations (or worse), so they’d rather keep their mouths shut. Maybe they’d tell you some companies that bought the things, but I seriously doubt they’d give totals.

Its a very costly animal… around 7000USD, i guess… I would guess many banks would buy it – if they have the right software for it.

Espescially with NO multi-GPU support available in CUDA 2.0, it is very encouraging for developers to write software for multi-GPU animals like S1070