About the CUDA installation for Windows 8 64 bit and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

I am trying to install CUDA 5 in my PC.
My PC is windows 8 (64 bit) and my visual Studio is 2012 edition.
Does the installer (cuda_5.0.35_winvista_win7_win8_general_64-3.msi)works for my machine?
Thank everyone’s kind response.

This video series walks you through the whole process, for VS 2010 at at least.


Yes, that installer will work. You have figure out the part related to Windows 8, works better in W7 vs 2010.

See http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowsdesktop/CUDA-50-and-Visual-Studio-20e71aa1 for what you’d need to set up CUDA 5 w/ MSVC 2012. It’s officially not supported for CUDA 5, but VS 2010 is.