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General discussion on WSL 2 using CUDA and containers.

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Is it possible to test right now?

This is relevant to my interests as well. Is Windows 10 v2004 available already?

Recent articles suggest this month for the preview? Is there a place to sign up?

Apparently 2004 is rolling out but my particular device (surface book 2) isn’t ready yet. I’ll be very interested once it is since I’ve got a 1060 in my keyboard that largely goes unused. Didn’t know GPU passthrough was even under consideration with WSL2. I’m impressed.

Support should come with WDDM2.9, currently my dxdiag.exe shows WDDM2.7. Windows build is 19645.1 (Windows Insider updates).

I’m all set with Ubuntu 18.04 in WSL2, waiting…

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In order to take advantage of NVIDIA GPU in WSL2, you would need to join the WIP program and install the latest WIP OS and the right NVIDIA driver.
Please follow the instructions included in the documentation: https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/wsl-user-guide/index.html

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Is the preview driver support Windows Server 2019 Insider Preview version? I tried to follow the instructions and downloaded the QUADRO driver via the following link:

Although it mentioned Windows 10 only, I can successfully install the driver without any errors. However, the installed driver seems not supporting WDDM at all.

Would you please advise how to download the correct QUADRO preview driver for Windows Server 2019?