About the Detectnet_V2 learning log(TLT2.0)

Does Detectnet_V2 in TLT2.0 support log output during train?

Checking this thread, it said that TLT 3.0 supports this.

However, in the case of TLT2.0, learning with --log_file will result in an error.
Is there any other way to output logs?

You can use the latest TAO container.

--log_file LOG_FILE Path to the output log file.

I know the existence of TAO.
However, I am using TLT2.0 because of compatibility with Deepstream ver.

Therefore, please tell me if there is a way to output the log file with TLT2.0.

For TLT2.0, you can try something as below.
For example,
tlt-train faster_rcnn -e spec.txt 2>&1 |tee log.txt

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Thank you very much.
I was able to output the log.

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