About the firmware application of ConnectX-4 lx

I purchased because ConnectX-4 lx (MCX 4131A-GCAT) was cheap on eBay, but the Firmware seems to be broken, and DevID / VenID was PCI \ VEN_15B3 & DEV_020B.

This seems to mean Flash Recovery.


I tried to deal with the following site referring to it, but it does not work well.


mst status -v

mt523_pciconf0 bus: dev. fn = 22:00. 0

flint-nofs-use_image_ps-guid beeff 45214810ae0-mac f 45214810ae 0-use_fw-d mt523_pciconf0-i fw.bin burn

Current FW version on flash: N / A

New FW version: 14.25.1020

No checks will be performed. Burn process will not be failsafe.

If this process fails, computer may remain in an inoperable state.

Do you want to continue? (Y / n) [n]: y

-E- Burning FS3 image failed: Can not extract device data sections: invalid ITOC section. Please ignore device data sections.

Is there any way to handle it?

Hi Naoya,

In order to handle this issue, i suggest to open a support ticket with Mellanox support

at support@mellanox.com