ABOUT the force recovery mode

I forgot to design the pin FORCE_RECOV# in my carry board, how can I get in force recovery mode in other way?

Please try this command: sudo reboot --force forced-recovery

Is there an equivalent command in uboot? IE a command to reboot from uboot into recovery mode?

Is there an equivalent command that can be run from uboot? IE a command to reboot from uboot into recovery mode?

Hi Benjamin_Caro,

May I ask why do you need to run recovery mode in uboot?

Just speculation, but perhaps flash is needed when the operating system itself is non-functional.

Hi WayneWWW,

linuxdev is correct; I’ve been in situations where corruptions to extlinux.conf or the device tree prevented uboot from launching the kernel and a reflash was the simplest way to get back into business.

There is still a “chicken and the egg” dilemma if U-Boot itself is failing. This would imply you need a different carrier board if you reach that point and don’t have a recovery button exposed (or something equivalent).

That’s true but are there ways to mess up uboot other than to flash a buggy one? Messing up the kernel such that it won’t be able to run is as simple as deleting or overwriting a few files on the file sytem.

For anyone who stumbles upon this thread in a similar situation, the version of U-Boot on my TX2 had a command for enterrcm - reset Tegra and enter USB recovery mode.