About the inference issue

I had a problem like this when I wanted to visualize the results of the inference, I’m sure I have to have matplotlib in the pip list…

Which network did you run?
Did you follow its notebook?

Maybe right, I saw every other parts run normally

Please share your .ipynb file.

detectnet_v2_car.ipynb (1.2 MB)

this !

The error is "No mudule named ‘matplotlib’
Please debug by yourself.

For example, running in terminal.

>>> import matplotlib

Yeah, I can see it run normally in terminal
… but it still cannot run in notebook

I saw that you have
!pip install matplotlib

Please try again after it.

yeah, i try it Actually i saw it again and again but I still cannot continue to run following part…

But it is not related to matplotlib.
It is below error.
NameError: name ‘visualize_images’ is not defined

I suggest you to debug by yourself.

OK ! very thx!

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