About the interface for starting the developed software function

Hi All.

I would like to know about the console for using software developed with DrivePX 2.
I am imagining a serial console to use on Windows and Linux.
I would like the user to enter the test command from the serial console and allow the software to operate.

There are three questions.

  1. Does nVIDEA offer console tools as above?
  2. Is there IP offering to build such an interface with the user?
    (Example: UART, USB, LAN)
  3. Please tell me the reference document.

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I would have sent you to a dedicated sub-forum for the DrivePX2, but while dedicated sub-forums exist for all of NVIDIA’s other embedded platforms, I don’t see one for the DrivePX2. Odd.

I assume this is because any entity deploying DrivePX2 has a dedicated contact at NVIDIA they should use to get technical assistance. Check within your organization to find out who that person is.

I doubt there are many people in this forum who have used a DrivePX, so you might have to wait a long time for an answer, and may never get one.

Hi njuffa.

Thank you for your answer.

I am referring to the following description.

Please reply again if new information is available.

Best regards

I am sad that there is no answer.
When can you respond?

I know absolutely nothing about the Drive PX2. You will need to find a contact at NVIDIA if you have questions about that product. Or try your luck over in the “Drive” sub-forums:


Hi njuffa.

Thank you for your answer.
I will close my previous question.

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