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I am trying to get a copy of the slide presentation I attended the other day. The host of the training session said it would be available on the training session website or on the session catalog. Neither has the presentation listed as a download. I tried to leave a Q&A in my open window to that course and it said submitted but then the window closed the session afterwards. Below are the details of the webinar:

You are scheduled to join the following GTC Digital webinar:
S22100 - NVIDIA Tools to Train, Build, and Deploy Intelligent Vision Applications at the Edge
March 26, 2020
02:00 PM PDT

Can someone find a person who can handle these GTC questions and support issues?

Thanks for attending that session, but sorry your question was not answered.
I looked the session and its recording is still pending. But once it is posted it will have a forum topic like the others you see here, and you will have an opportunity to ask your question again. The slide deck will also be posted and linked from the GTC Session Catalog .

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