About the .raw format in GPU Computing SDK

hi all,
I want to use my custom data in marching cube demo in the GPU Computing SDK. The demo uses Bucky.raw file as input data. But I don’t know how to read and edit the raw format . I google the raw format but failed to find any way. It seems that Blender can import .raw format, but blender fails to import this Bucky.raw file.
So, Could you tell me how you generate this Bucky.raw? and how can I export my model to a raw file which can be used in the marching cube demo?
Thank you.

It’s not really a proper file format at all, just a sequence of raw bytes - one byte per voxel.

I believe the original data was from here, which includes a link to some format conversion tools:

Note that the code expects the volume’s dimensions to be powers of 2, so if your data isn’t you will need to pad it.