About the SDMMC interface & PCIe


I noticed that in the pin list of Jetson nano there is a SDMMC, I want to konw:

  1. does this interface share the same physical interface with SD card on nano board?

  2. If the answer of 1) is yes, When I use the production nano board(with eMMC), can I use SDMMC interface for other purpuse? such as connect to WIFI module.

Also a question about PCIE:

can the PCIe interface support 4x1 lane or 2x2lane? or only support 1 device? except use PCIe switch.

Hi, please refer to OEM DG. SDMMC3 is for external SDCARD/SDIO design, internal eMMC is on SDMMC4 port.

Tegra contains a PCIe controller that brings one interface up to four lanes to the module pins for use on the carrier board, it can be x1, x2 or x4.

Hi, Trumany

If I use the nano board in develop kit (with SD card), does the SDMMC3 in gold figer can be used in My coustom carrier board?

Your custom board should follow current docs in DLC (with eMMC version), it is not compatible to module with SD CARD.