About the TX2 NX ,When restart button is pressed,the system is do not startup。

when press the button “restart”,the system shutdown,a problem occur.
the HDMI screen show:" Starting Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes",Wait for 5 minitues,the error is always show.

Will it be back if you reset it again?

I am curious about some of the details. I am impressed if you got tomcat running well, but am led to the question as to whether you might have run out of disk space (tomcat is a bit of a hog even it is a cat…yes, bad humor!). Was the system simply shut off by power button without true/proper shutdown at any point? If the file system is under heavy write at that time (such as tomcat might do), then results might not be so good.

It might be nice to get a full serial console boot log. See:

thanks.due to the tomcat as you say. Uninstall it ,then ok.