about the usage of cufftPlan2d cufft

Hi fellas,

I have simple questions.

First one is the meaning of input nx and ny in cufftPlan2d(plan,nx,ny,CUFFT_C2R).
Here are the nx and ny is the dimension of the complex 2D array? Then the complex array should have nx*ny elements? Then, is the total memory size sizeof(cufftComplex)*sizeof(cufftReal)nxny?

Second one is related to the first question. After setting the plan, I want to execute the fft using cufftExecC2R(plan,input,output) where input is the complex and output is the real array. I want to do the in-place operation so, in my guess, the input and output memory size should be same. Then what is the number of elements of output ?

My questions are summarized as; Is it possible to in-place fft for 2-d complex-to-real? Then, how should I set the input arguments of cufftPlan2d?

Those two things are related to each other.

Thank you in advance.