About TX1 eDP


TX1 Module supports eDP 4 lane 120hz?

Please reply.


Hi inhyuknzdq3,

What do you mean “120hz”?

Sorry WayneWWW.

At TX1 Module datasheet, they said ‘supports eDP1.4 4lane 3840x2160 60hz’

Question is ‘TX1 supports eDP 4 lane 120hz?’


Hi inhyuknzdq3,

Do you mean 4k@120hz? This is not supported.

OK. Thanks WayneWWW.

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How about 1440*2960, eDP1.4 @ 120Hz?

Seems not a valid mode. Could you paste the detail information of this mode?

What is the maximum resolution driven by eDP 120hz?

I think you could try 120hz modes with pclk < 594Mhz(4k@60).