About TX2 eMMC reliability in case of unexpected power loss

We would like to develop a device based on TX2 module. But the device may suffer some kind of unexpected power loss from time to time.

TX2 has an internal eMMC module (THGBMHG8C4LBAIR), which is MLC type. Some boot partitions and our ROOTFS are placed on this eMMC.

Will this unexpected power loss harm this eMMC?
How to protect this eMMC from corruption due to power loss, so as to increase the device reliability?

It will be safe if your design follow the TX2 Product Design Guide in DLC well. There is chapter of uncontrolled power removal case which describe the design requests on the scenario as you said.

FYI, the non-rootfs (non-APP) partitions are always just used read-only except when flashing. You can probably ignore those. Anything related to ext4 filesystem would be applicable to the rootfs.

You can also use squashfs read-only file system for the APP (supported with meta-tegra in the Yocto project)