About TX2 NX display quetions

we want use TX2 NX design a new display board,has some qustions need help,
the board need support 2 x 4kp30 independent diaplay
and 2x 1080p60 ( the content of display is the same as above)
checked Nano has HDMI ,DP,MIPI-DSI and eDP display port,its this ok for TX2 NX?
also need MIPI CSI can support 3x4K p30+ 1x1080p60 video input
please help check for this,thanks

So how many display heads do you need here? 2 or 4?

hi Wayne:
we need 4,ench two has same content but different resolution

You should read the TX2 NX product design guide first and you will know the answer to this question.

ok thanks