Does TX2 support USB AUDIO CLASS1.0 and HID?

The standard class USB drivers are present. Some common audio chipset drivers are present, e.g., I have a cheap USB headset which “just works”. Unless your USB audio requires drivers specific to it, then probably a USB audio device will work out of the box. In terms of USB audio cards, this usually requires a driver specific to the card. If the driver exists on a Linux desktop PC, then chances are quite good you can get this to work on a TX2 by adding the driver (PCs add basically everything as a module, but resources are limited on an embedded system and a lot fewer drivers are added for hardware which isn’t present by default).

It isn’t possible to give a specific answer without knowing details and testing.

Btw, HID includes mouse/keyboard/joystick style devices. Sound is not part of that, but controls on the USB device for controlling volume, mute, so on, are indeed HID.