About UART baudrate 256000

I am planning to use 2D LiDAR which is rather cheep than currently using 3D LiDAR.
The problem is that device only support UART interface, 8N1(8 databits, no parity, 1 stopbit) 256000 bps.

But according to my review on TX2 it looks TX2 does not support 256000 bps…
Is there any way to setup 256000 bps 8N1 communication?

I’m guessing it will work, but will suggest this experiment for you…

Install gtkterm on your Jetson (“sudo apt-get install gtkterm”). Take the UART you are going to use (I am using J17’s “/dev/ttyTHS2”, a.k.a., “/dev/ttyS2” as an example), and set up for loopback: Wire the TX and RX together…optionally, if flow control is to be used, also wire CTS to RTS. Then run this command and see if the text you type in to the terminal echos back or not (use “sudo” if not a member of group “dialout”):
gtkterm -b 8 -t 1 -s 256000 -p /dev/ttyTHS2

Note: “ttyTHS2” and “ttyS2” refer to the same hardware, but the “S2” refers to the more common generic Linux driver, and the “THS2” corresponds to the “Tegra High Speed” DMA-enabled driver. Use only one at a time.