About udp stream decoding withmmapi

On the basis of example 02_video_dec_cuda, I changed the read-in H264 file to UDP data stream. I found that the program will read several frames of data before decoding, and after a period of time, it will need to read several frames of data before decoding. This causes the video screen to jam. What’s the reason? What I want to do is read a frame and decode a frame instead of reading several frames before decoding

We have the option disable-dpb in 00_video_decode. Please apply it and try again.

Hi. Is 00_video_decode example decoded by CPU?

hi,Do you mean the “blocking mode” option?

about 00_video_dec.I tried mode 0 is too laggy. I use potplayer to play very smoothly, which shows that my RTP stream is OK. I don’t know what the problem is.

Please check this option:

        else if (!strcmp(arg, "--disable-dpb"))
            ctx->disable_dpb = true;
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Thank you very much. I tried it today, and the delay really decreased. But it still has a delay of 200ms. Is there any way to accelerate it?

I feel that the algorithm has set up an input buffer. When several frames are read, the decoding starts. My problem is how to make the algorithm read a frame of data and decode a frame of data.

Since h264 streams are compressed by referring to nearby frames. For the stream like IDR, P, P, P, P, ..., decoder always need to keep one frame for decoding next frame. There is one-frame delay in this kind of streams.