About UEFI boot of l4t 35.1

Hi, I need help about two UEFI boot issues on 35.1:

  1. after power up NX module, when booting process is staying at “Press ESC …” stage, at that moment, if any of USB devices from any USB port is sending some contents, it will accidently triger this unexpected blocking, is there any way to skip this stage or disable USB at that moment?

  2. when I following the guideline, configuring USB0 as otg successfully and make it as a USB device, I found during “Press ESC …” stage, USB0 is still in Host mode ( if I plug a keyboard in this port, it can block the system booting ), How can I make it turn to device mode at the beginning after power up?

or if the booting process can be changed to same as L4T 32.7.2 will be great too

Is this issue on your custom board or even the nv devkit?

it’s on our custom board, devkit not tested

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

yes, our temporory method is setting the boot maintanance time to “1”(second) to reduce risks of this issue. but I still don’t know how to modify BSP before build images.
If this UEFI boot stage can be skiiped by modifying BSP will be better, it will save time and no need to config manually for each board

You could disable serial console. Unfortunately it isn’t as easy in the bootloader stages as it is in the Linux kernel. In any case you shouldn’t be using the serial console UART simultaneously with another application. In Linux you would disable it like this:

sudo systemctl stop nvgetty.service
sudo systemctl disable nvgetty.service

I’m not sure on this release how to disable this during boot stages (it might be as simple as changing the device tree though).

Note: Not having the serial console could be a serious issue if you are developing.

many thanks for your reply,

for UART console, I can disable it in the UEFI boot menu windows too. Actually what I want is disablilng the chance to enter this boot menu window:D . for example skip this “ESC button” stage or disable all USB input at that time, because it blocks NX going to system desktop …

If you are speaking of this in the serial console, then simply disabling serial console in the bootloader stages will do this.

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