About USB connections of Orin NX

I am designing the Orin NX custom carrier board.

I would like to design a board “without” the USB-Hub in U7 of P3737_A04.
I’m thinking of designing the USB to connect only the host mode in Figure 7-2 of DG-10931-001_v1.0
In this case, will there be any problems if I design “without” USB hub?
Will software configuration changes such as the device tree be required?
I would like to use Jetpack 5.1 or later without software changes.

Please follow Orin NX Design Guide for its USB port design.

Thank you for your reply.

I would like to confirm about this question again.

I’m designing a custom board based on P41 Figure 7.2 from Jetson_Orin_NX_Series_and_Orin_Nano_Series_Design_Guide_DG-10931-001_v1.0.pdf provided by Trumany

For custom boards, is a USB hub IC like RTS5420 (U7 of P3737_A04) mandatory when using default Orin NX software with Jetpack 5.1 or later?

Is this same topic to About USB host only connection on Orin NX carrier board - #9 by akaoka.ryo?

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