About USB host only connection on Orin NX carrier board

I am designing an Orin NX custom board.
I have a question about connection with fixed host of USB.

  1. If the SOM and connector are connected as shown in P41 Figure 7-2 of DG-10931-001_v1.0, will it work with Jetpack 5.1 or later?
    Please tell me the specific steps to make it work.

  2. When adding a USB Hub to the Orin NX custom board like the circuit diagram of the Xavier NX Developer Kit (P3509_A01 P13), please tell me the terminal processing that needs to be connected to SoM such as I2C
    Also, please tell me the specific procedure to make it work with Jetpack5.1 or later.

Hi, Table 7-3. USB 3.2 and PCIe Lane Mapping shows the mapping options for Orin module. These are the only mapping options supported for the Orin module. So if your design is one of above options, it will be supported.

For USB hub design, not sure what the “terminal processing” mean, but you can take the hub design of P3509_A01 as reference and implement that on your Orin NX board. Most pins are same.

Thank you for your reply
It meant “Terminal pin chamfering” instead of “Terminal processing”

I have an additional question.
3. In the case of “1.”, is software setting required? Please tell me the procedure if necessary
4. When adding a USB hub, I would like to know what signals should be connected from the USB hub IC to the SoM
Only CAM_I2C_SCL and CAM_I2C_SDA other than USB1_D[115,117pin], USBSS_RX[161,163pin], USBSS_TX[166,168pin] which are USB differential signals?
5. In the case of “3.” and “4.”, is software setting required? Please tell me the procedure if necessary

It depends on the requests of your USB hub, if same to that of P3509, you can refer to that totally.

please refer to the adaptation guide. Type A is the simplest configuartion.


In the case of “1”, when connecting in the figure, does it work with the default settings in the device tree for Jetpack5.1 or later?

Could you please confirm my question?
I look forward to your prompt response.
Best regards.

As said in adaptation guide, the default configuration is as that of devkit carrier P3737_A04 schematic. You can compare to USB design of P3737_A04 to check if your design is default supported. https://developer.nvidia.com/jetson-agx-orin-developer-kit-carrier-board-design-files-a04.

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