About UserMeta after nvstreamdemux

I want to use UserMeta(tensor_output_meta) attached with nvinfer after nvstreamdemux, what should I do?
It was NULL when referenced in the next element. If you do not use nvstreamdemux, you can refer.

  • output-tensor-meta is set to 1.


Could you check if this sample can meet your requirement?


I had this issue downstream of nvvideoconvert, but I’d expect it not to happen with just nvstreamdemux, since the demux’s pad caps still have the (memory:NVMM) feature.

I can understand why you’d lose the tensors when transferring video data back to host memory. Although, it’d be nice to give nvvideoconvert an option/property to preserve the output tensor meta (if present).


Can you specify the full pipeline that you are trying to run ?