About using glXImportContextEXT

Hi everyone,
I have to use glXImportContextEXT. I understood that it is a part of the glx extension GLX_EXT_import_context.
Those functions are declared in the header glxext.h as, external functions.
When I execute, glxinfo reports that this extension is supported by my nvidia driver, on my gpu.
But I can’t understand, where those functions are really defined, and concretly which header and which lib I have to import.

Thanks for your answers

It’s defined in libGL.so.1 but to be portable, your application should create a variable of type PFNGLXIMPORTCONTEXTEXTPROC and assign it the result of glXGetProcAddress(“glXImportContextEXT”).

Edit: you can make it easier for yourself by using libglew, which handles checking for and loading extensions automatically.