About WAN, LAN of custom carrier board


We will share the findings of malfunctions when changing LAN IP currently occurring in Jetson pure NVR.

In the case of the current WAN, Network ON/OFF operation is performed normally, and it appears in the upper right corner of Ubuntu OS.

Network activation/deactivation conversion guide is displayed normally and is working well.

However, if the LAN network is turned ON/OFF to apply the IP after changing the LAN IP in Pure NVR,

It seems that the operation does not work properly, and the LAN network remains disabled regardless of ON/OFF before rebooting.

Even if LAN Network is ON, network related information (MAC, IP, gatway, DNS, etc.) does not appear.

Even if you click the Option tab to set up the LAN network, an error message occurs that does not find the uuid for the connection.

After rebooting, the changed IP is applied normally and the LAN network is activated.

Changing and saving settings is performed normally, but it is judged that the LAN network activation/deactivation operation is not performed normally.

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Can you tell me when the test is over.
Can you see the approximate length of the test period?

Thank you.