About Xavier NX Module Connector

I am trying to build my own xavier nx reference board. So, I ask the following questions.
Xavier NX schematic(P3509-A01) has a part called 1-2309413-1.

As a result of checking with TE, I received the following answer.
“1-2309413-1 is a restricted part, customized by Nvidia, would need to get a Nvidia Letter of Authorization if you need to purchase.”


  1. Can I use 2309413-1 instead of 1-2309413-1?
  2. 2309413-1 was applied to Jetson nano reference schematic(P3449-B01) . Can’t Xavier reference use 2309413-1?

Sure, you can use 2309413-1 for Xavier NX design as in fact NX module is compatible to nano carrier board.