ABS_Hard_Leather_Grey turns into red after being added to mesh

After opening my project this morning all grey meshes with the material ABS_Hard_Leather_Grey turned into the red, which can be seen in above picture. This picture also shows a newly created stage, where I added ABS_Hard_Leather_Grey to a cube, which turned red instead of some grey. Are other people experiencing this bug as well?

I’ve run into this too recently. Let me check with the dev team to see what it means when a material goes red like that.

Hi @riekeles. Red material is usually an error material. Something failed. Either compilation or Material resolution. What is ABS_Hard_Leather_Grey and is it from NVIDIA? If so, can you provide:

  1. What is the sourceAsset and subIdentifier information on the Shader prim underneath the material.
  2. What do the logs say? If it’s a compile error you’ll see something like Error MDLC … blah.

Hey Sorry for not replying - must have missed it :/
The ABS material was from NVIDIA and probably deleted. I just changed the colour to a different grey, provided by NVIDIA.

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