Abysmal support in Ubuntu


For 22.04 LTS or 23.04 dev. Lenovo Legion laptop RTX 3070 Ti, Intel.
Kernel 6.2 (or 6.1, same behavior), drivers 525.85 or beta 530
I do use an HDMI monitor, not a 8K one or something crazy.

Hybrid graphics mode:

  • X11: unusable, hangs, windows appear after some seconds
  • Wayland: usable but jerky GNOME Shell animations, videos in Firefox are jerky too, and not sure that the dGPU is still unpowered (for sure GS has a small process using dGPU)

Discrete graphics mode:

  • X11: that’s the ONLY combo that is ok
  • Wayland: what a nightmare, as I read in another thread, characters are deleted then appear again, a LOT of glitches, animations in GS are not smooth, videos are jerky…

Nouveau driver:
I believed it was working and find it smooth (I need performance in Windows for games, not Linux, so why not) but that’s an illusion, frequent hard freezes eg. when you disconnect your monitor and so on (even alt-fn-s-o magic sometimes does not work)

Nvidia open driver:
Basically unusable, everything hangs, hard freezes, etc.

So: there’s no way to have good hybrid graphics with a monitor (not a good thing when you make a presentation) and Wayland support is in a alpha state.

Using the laptop display only makes Wayland hybrid mode better, though.


X11 session in hybrid mode is now good.
Wayland sessions are still very bad:

  • discrete graphics: still the same behavior
  • hybrid graphics: still issues with videos, jerky anims, resume from sleep and (maybe more annoying for current dev tasks) a noticeable lag (display logs, open new window, …).

This lag is not present in Nouveau Wayland session. Seems to work better now.