acc cache directive

Hi Mat,

does “acc cache” directive supported by PGI?
I have a code like

!$acc kernels
!$acc loop independent
   do i=its,ite      ! i loop (east-west)
!$acc loop independent
   do j=jts,jte      ! j loop (north-south)
!$acc cache(DUMI(kts:kte,j,i),DUMQS(kts:kte,j,i),DUMR(kts:kte,j,i),DUMFNI(kts:kte,j,i), &
!$acc       DUMFNS(kts:kte,j,i),DUMFNR(kts:kte,j,i),DUMC(kts:kte,j,i),DUMFNC(kts:kte,j,i), &
!$acc       DUMG(kts:kte,j,i),DUMFNG(kts:kte,j,i))

At compile time I see no any info about generating cache section or whatever.
Maybe I did something wrong?

PGI 14.2 … PGI 14.7… nightly


Hi Alexy,

We do support the cache directive though it’s just a suggestion to the compiler which may choose to ignore it for what ever reason. Why it’s choosing to ignore them here, I’m not sure. Though, my first though is to try caching just one of the arrays since you have to much data to for the available shared memory.

  • Mat