I know this is not essential, but I was playing with the accelerator environment variables. I am on a workstation with 4 tesla 1060s. I do not have ACC_DEVICE_NUM set and the code runs. If I set ACC_DEVICE_NUM=1 and run my code, it fails with this error:

“call to cuModuleLoadData returned error 300: Invalid Source”

Now, if I change ACC_DEVICE_NUM=2 or 3 or 4 the code executes again. If ACC_DEVICE_NUM=0 it executes as well (from the manual, it executes on the default device). Values of -1 and -2 succeed, but 5 gives me the expected error that I have only 4 devices attached. The negative vals I am not worried about, but ACC_DEVICE=1 is troubling.

Hi bollig,

This is odd since the “cuModuleLoadData returned error 300: Invalid Source” error occurs when you compile targeting a device with compute capability 1.3 (the default) but run on an older card with compute capability 1.1. So either this is a new error that I’m not aware of or your second card is old.

What’s the output of the “pgaccelinfo” command?


Ahah, you’re good at this!

pgaccelinfo tells me that I have 5 devices:

#0 Tesla
#1 nForce 780a SLI
#2-4 Tesla

I guess it makes sense that it errored out.