accelerate Nano storage speed


Currently we found the SD card read/write speed in Nano develop Kit cannot meet our demands, do you have some proposals to accelerate the speed, such as adding an eMMC storage or others?

We have noticed that the new Nano develop Kit with Nano module(including eMMC storage) may be released this year, can we know its exact release time?

Have you tested the commercial module that has eMMC? You can use it on an ecosystem carrier (see this post for more info). Some ecosystem carriers for Nano module have an M.2 slot for SSD or NVME drive, which could improve the speed. You can also try a SATA->USB3 cable like this.

We don’t have an exact timeframe to share yet, however note that the updated revision of the devkit will still ship with SD card slot, not eMMC.

We are testing PCIE-SATA adapter right now. the speed can reach around 300MB/s - 400MB/s with continues data transfer.

Hi Dusty,

Thanks a lot

We will look into the storage accelerating things according to your information

Hi Sunxishan,

Thanks for your information