Accelerating Cloud-Ready Infrastructure and Kubernetes with Red Hat OpenShift and the NVIDIA BlueField DPU

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Take a deep dive into the integrated cloud-ready infrastructure solution from Red Hat and NVIDIA

In a reasonably complex data center network, there is a data plane, a control plane, and a management plane. The first step of this integration (circa 2018) was to offload the dataplane switching from the server’s X86 CPUs to the networking ASIC on the BlueField DPU. The second step (circa 2021) was moving the networking control plane from the X86 cores to the DPU. And now, by moving part of the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform software to the DPU, more of that networking management plane has also been offloading from the X86 CPU cores to the DPU.

And then on top of that, OpenShift helps deliver upgrades, automation, cluster management, remote monitoring, etc.